Who We Are

The Church on the Bayou Where Everyone is Welcome!

Our Vision

The Church on the Bayou is a gathering of persons from many different religious /socio-economic backgrounds, who come together to learn about and worship God.

We accept that each person is a “work in progress.” We are a welcoming, open, and affirming community where all persons are received in love. We encourage questions about God, Jesus, faith, or anything else, and we provide nonjudgmental space for everyone.

The mission of God in Christ gives foundation to the life and work of our church. We are committed to evolving, reforming, changing, and growing, even as we anchor into the God of Love who never changes.

Worship with Us

Our worship style is fluid, with traditional liturgy, positive, uplifting sermon messages and music both traditional and contempory.  We celebrate with praise and thanksgiving, give with generosity, and pray with passion.


Our Magnificent Pipe Organ

The pipe organ was built by the 110 year old Wicks Organ Company of Highland Illinois in 1961. Originally installed at St. Pauls Lutheran Church in Lakeland Florida, it was sold to another church in 2003 but not installed, in 2009 it was donated to the Church On The Bayou and installed by Darwin Klug. The organ is comprised of 17 ranks, 979 pipes in 3 divisions over 2 manuals and pedal, it has been somewhat altered from it's original specification, a not uncommon practice in relocated instruments. The organ powerfully supports the congregational singing with its combination of diapason, flute, salacinol, and trumpet stops. The pipes range in size from smaller than a pencil to 16 feet long in the pedal division. The organ has been recently tuned and serviced by William Longmore & Associates of Lakeland Florida and additional repairs are scheduled in 2023.


Meet Our Pastor and Staff


Rev. Lissa Bradford

Rev. Lissa Bradford is passionate about empowering persons to crave Jesus. She holds a B.A. in Public Relations and Journalism from Utica University/ New York. Lissa earned an M.div from Fuller Theological Seminary. She was ordained in 2010. Lissa was born in New York City and has lived in seven states: New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, California, Maine and now Florida. Lissa is married and is stepmom to boy and girl twins, and mom to one elderly feline.

Dan Fedorek is a New Jersey native who relocated to central Florida in 2017. Dan has served as Director of Music at COTB since 2018. Dan has had an extensive, well-rounded church practice in music ministry for over 40 years. Dan has a deep understanding of both liturgical and contemporary worship and facilitates the use of music, song and other creative expression within the church body to enhance the worship experience. Dan is a gifted and talented pianist and pipe organist who is proficient in a wide variety of musical styles including: classical, gospel, jazz, contemporary and improvisation.


Daniel Fedorek, Music Director

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